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Fun Designs for Old Concrete Patios

A patio can often be revitalized. you just have to come up with an interesting idea or design plan. For instance, an old concrete patio may gain new life with an interesting boulder border around it. You may think it fun to break some of the interior concrete up to plant flower gardens. You might add a top pond by using boulders and huge rocks or you might even want to try this easy project of turning your old concrete patio into a pebbled paradise.

An Interesting Pebble Patio

If your old concrete patio is looking worn and needs a slight facelift, you can do this inexpensively by adding a pebble overlay. You will get a brand new patio that looks somewhat like a sandy beach; a fun look that makes you feel like you are on an island resort when you really are just in your own backyard.

Clean-up Time

Before starting on a project like this, you have to make sure the patio is clean of all debris. Use a power washer to wash off the concrete patio and remove any stains, sticky films or mildew. Let the concrete dry fully for at least a few hours before starting your project.


Decide on what the perimeter will look like. If you want that great island effect, place boulders around it. You may even want a boulder design in the center or off to the side of the patio. You can create a garden area from a boulder and rock designed perimeter in the center of the patio.  Play around with the perimeter design on paper before making your final decision. Set mortar around the perimeter of each bolder you set so the voids are filled and mildew cannot set in. Smooth out the visible mortar by using a mortar sponge.

Spread pebbles over a small area of the patio in a back corner. Mix a two part epoxy mixture in a bucket and stir the mixture for about five minutes. Pour the mixture over the pebbles and fold the mixture into the rocks by turning over the pebbles with a shovel. Make sure there are no dry areas left.

Even it Out

Even out the pebbles with a trowel before the epoxy dries. Get an even coating of the pebbles. Continue with the other sections of the pebbles in the same way. Use a clean trowel to clean out tracks you need to keep for rain runoff.

Allow the pebbled concrete patio to dry for a day or two before you decide to start walking on it. Make sure you don’t allow the patio to get wet while the epoxy is drying or it may turn a filmy white color. Cover the patio with a tarp if it looks like it may rain. After a day or two you can start enjoying your new patio.