Landscape Designs for Hilly or Sloping Yards

You’ve got a great place to live, but how do you landscape that hilly backyard? Most homeowners agree than landscaping a hill is a challenge not many landscapers are up for. So you need to take your designer a few ideas so his brain can start getting creative. The following are just a few ideas we’ve come up with.

Protect the View

There is just one thing to keep in mind. People who live in or around hills do so because of the incredible views. Just remember, if your home has a panoramic view you want to protect it and prevent trees or other plants from interfering with it.

Design The Approach

Many Hillside Landscapes require stairs or an inclined path.  You dont want these architectural features to just start out of the blue. The design of a stairway or path is as much a part of the design as the rest of the landscape so you need to make it attractive with the right greenery, plants, trees and pavers. Because the ground is hilled you can use interesting greenery instead of grass. This will add texture to the area. Consider flowering vines and ground cover as an option.

Keep Paths and Stairs Going in a Slow Incline

Consider adding switchback paths to make the walk easier. Reduce steep climbs and plantings as these promote erosion and steep rain runoffs. Remember the stairs or path of a hilled landscape are a focal point so select pavers that make your path stand out.

Plants You can Use

This is a wonderful opportunity to add interesting plants, especially some that do well in shade or partial shade. These can be spread plants and vines. This type of plant adds textural interest to hills. To make the design better choose plants that are analogous in color. This means they are similarly colored. You can also use small and large containers to add further interest. These can be terra cotta planters with planted flowers or other interesting plants.