Landscape Architecture can Create Definition for Your Outdoor Area

Using architectural elements in your outdoor areas adds a definition and clarity to your entire landscaped area. What is an architectural outdoor element? When a landscaper uses a structure like a gazebo, a fence, patio, path, rock formation or other type of construction this is known as an outdoor architectural element. It is when a designer uses pavers, concrete, wood, stone and other similar materials to create an architectural feature for your outdoor area. 

At some point, you may want to add one of these features to your outdoor area, and these range in scope from the very small to a large structure. Why? Because this type of feature adds definition and structure to your outdoor design.

To help you better understand these defining elements we have made a list of the most common architectural features used in outdoor areas:

Outdoor Patios

Architectural elements like patios offer a structural defined style for your outdoor area. It is the patio style and paver use that draws the eye to the outdoor living portion of the landscape. This is the architectural element that pulls a viewer’s interest through the pathways and to plant and flower beds.It allows the eye and traffic to flow naturally in and out of the house.


This is another architectural element offering style and design to outdoor areas. A deck is also an area that offers entertainment possibilities. However, the deck sits at a higher level which gives them a better vantage point of the entire yard.

Water Elements

Water architectural elements offer a focal point for intimate areas that give a feeling of peace and tranquility. The flowing water of a fountain, pond or waterfall offers an instant calming effect on people. Water elements bring life and interest to a small garden. They add bold accents in certain areas of the yard.

Pergolas and Arbors and or other Architectural Forms

These features offer structure and texture to an outdoor area.  They create dimension and beauty in a landscape.

  • The Pergola. – This is a shaded area for sitting. A pergola is a great place where vines can train up the structure. Yet you can also add ceiling fans, fabric and lights to highlight the outdoor living structure.
  • Arbors. – These structures offer an architectural element where vines can grow.

There are also other features to can help define a beautiful landscaped area. You can use retaining walls, pathways and low fences to add design and practicality.