A 101 Guide to Deck Maintenance: Get it Clean in a Jiff

Giving regular maintenance to your deck is an important process, especially when you want to keep it in good shape for a long time.  Your deck is one of the most important elements in your backyard, a fabulous outdoor living area you want to preserve it and take care of your investment, as it gives added value to the overall price of your home.

For some reason it may just start to lose its beautiful appeal. The dirt and of other stuff work together until they actually dull the finish of the wood, causing it to crack, mildew and rot. But you can avoid this kind of situation  by giving it a thorough cleaning at least  twice a year. In reality a deck should be cleaned once a month, but if you find yourself in a time constraint you need to manage it at least twice a year.

Get Rid of Everything

The first thing you have to do before you get started, is to remove all the objects from your deck, this way you will have the entire surface exposed and clear of all objects that can interfere with your cleaning process. If there is a plant, or a piece of furniture that you cannot remove, make sure you cover it well with a tarp to protect it.

Clean Up

You also need  a good, strong bristle broom. Start by sweeping the deck clear of all debris.  the dirt should sweep away very easily. But there will be areas where you need to work pretty hard at it as the dirt has built up over time. You just have to scrub this areas and the dirt will go away. Don’t worry if you cant get it all up. The power washing process will help you remove all of that stuck on dirt.

Wash Down

Next, you want to wash the floor. You can use a commercial cleaner to make it easier, but its OK id you don’t. You can also find great inexpensive power washers to help you with the process. Of course you can always wash it by hand too. All you have to do is, mix a little  water with soap  and use some scrubbing action to do  a great job. Use the bristled broom or you can use a scrub brush as well as a tool for this solution. Make sure you go over the surface once before rising. Bucketed water would remove extra soap or dirt.

Remove Mildew

If the deck has some mildew, you may find these areas harder to clean. In areas where a lot of  mildew have grown, you want to use a cleaning solution that is somewhat stronger than soap and water. Still it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use a mildew remover solution, but sometimes just a simple solution of one part bleach and four parts water will do the job easily. Just be sure to use a strong bristled brush and you may need to get down on your hands an knees to do some strong scrubbing.

Wood decks are beautiful places for relaxing and enjoy fun family outdoor activities. However, when decks are exposed to heavy outdoor, natural elements they may need a little loving care, and a good cleaning is just a basic care activity that can prolong your deck, keeping mildew and rot away (elements that can permanently damage your deck.)